We specialize in the restoration of old wooden furniture, ensuring the best results.



You only get one chance to make a good first impression.



We can custom build your cabinets, bookcases, and other fine furniture.



When it comes to woodworking, the craftsmanship and quality at Apple Furniture Service is unmatched! From office furniture repair and refinishing to custom built cabinetry, Tom and his expertly trained craftsmen take pride in their work.


 Furniture Repairs: Are your old chairs starting to come loose? Is that table wobbling? Are your dresser drawers not closing properly? If so, Apple Furniture Service can help. Tom and his expert craftsmen specialize in repairing wooden furniture. So if you have a piece of furniture that needs a little tender love and care, bring it to Tom at Apple Furniture Service!

Furniture Stripping and Refinishing: Is your dining room table scratched? Is that once beautiful color and sheen starting to fade? If so, do not panic. Apple Furniture Service specializes in the stripping and refinishing of wooden furniture. We help give new life to your favorite furniture!

Office / Commercial Furniture: You only get one chance to make a good first impression. So don’t let your beat up, old office furniture send the wrong message to your clients. Call Apple Furniture Service today. We can rehab your old commercial furniture, from conference tables and desks to office chairs and everything in between. We even offer on-site touchups.

 Re-upholstery: Is there a tear in your favorite antique chair? Does your old couch not match your current décor? Well, Apple Furniture Service can handle of your re-upholstery needs.

 Furniture Restoration: Apple Furniture Service specializes in the restoration of old wooden furniture. Our highly-trained woodworkers take special care with each piece, ensuring the best possible results.

Antique Preservation: Antique furniture requires special care. Polishes, adhesives, and other materials can damage and significantly impact the value of your antique furniture. Because of this, it is important to put your trust in someone who specializes in the preservation of antique furniture, someone like Tom of Apple Furniture Service.

 Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: At Apple Furniture, we can also handle kitchen cabinet refinishing, giving new life to even the most outdated kitchen.

Custom Built Cabinets: Whether you are looking to add more storage space or just want something new, Apple Home Furniture can custom build your cabinets, bookcases, and other fine furniture.

Furniture Touch-ups: Is your wooden table nicked or scratched? Is that old chair gouged? Does your dresser have water marks? If so, Apple Furniture can help. With expert color matching, Tom can have your wooden furniture looking like new in no time.

 Furniture Caning and Rush: If your old cane chair is damaged, don’t throw it out; bring it to Apple Furniture Service. We offer hand and machine caning, rush, split weave, wicker, and other weaves to breathe new life into damaged cane chairs.

Front Doors: As a homeowner, curb appeal means a lot. But if the paint on your front door is starting to peal or fade, you could be sending the wrong message to your neighbors and guests. Luckily, Tom specializes in the rehabilitation of exterior wooden doors, as well! So give Apple Furniture Service a call and give your home a facelift.

At Apple Furniture Service, we promise honest appraisals and quick turnarounds. It is all just part of our commitment to excellence and superior customer service!

“All my customers are happy!” – Tom Neis